Day: September 28, 2023

Threat Intelligence SolutionsThreat Intelligence Solutions

threat intelligence solutions

With today’s attacks and the ongoing cybersecurity skills shortage, it is challenging for security teams to efficiently calculate risk and balance resources. They must also effectively prioritize tasks, alleviate the burden on analysts and successfully communicate the nature of risks to top management in order to justify future investments in threat detection, defense and prevention.

A threat intelligence solutions helps security leaders to overcome these challenges by automating and simplifying much of the work that was previously done manually. These solutions use automated tools to analyze and sort massive volumes of data and provide CISOs with the insights they need to accurately assess risk, make decisions and quickly act on them.

Navigating the World of Threat Intelligence Feeds: A Comprehensive Guide

The process of collecting and processing threat intelligence requires deep research through massive amounts of raw data from multiple sources. This is often too difficult to do manually, even for rarified analysts who possess the right language skills, technical background and tradecraft. A threat intelligence solution can help to automate the process of data collection, processing and enrichment, and combine data points from a variety of open, dark web and technical sources.

Once the threat intelligence is processed, it must be presented in a form that can easily be consumed by its intended audience. This may be a security team looking to investigate or defend an attack, executives and other stakeholders who need transparency into third-party environments, real-time alerts on threats and changes to those risks, or other information.