5 Ways that Social Media Effects E-Commerce

Social media continues having an immense impact not only on the people but on businesses too. It has connected people and companies in new and exciting ways making it easier for people to keep in contact with family and friends. Companies have also been able to connect with new and existing customers. As a result, they have grown their sales and increased their revenue. In addition, they have experienced increased traffic and conversion.

The following are 5 ways that social media effects e-commerce.

1. Improve SEO ranking

Social media users are known to comment, like and share content. For instance, if an e-commerce site posts short video advertising upcoming products, interested customers will not hesitate to click on the like button. Additionally, they will share the video with family and friends. As a result, your brand will start becoming popular.

As an online user, you probably have noticed that Google includes social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) on its search results especially when you search a certain brand. If your social media pages receive more likes and comments, it will improve your page ranking thus increasing traffic to your site.

2. Create awareness

Before social media became so popular, people relied on traditional media – radio, TV, newspapers, and magazines – to learn more about a certain brand. If you failed to advertise in the above mediums, it was impossible for customers to know about your brand.

Thanks to social media, having a well designed and attractive social media page will help to create awareness about your brand. At the same time, it will generate interest in regards to products being sold on your e-commerce site.

3. Guide businesses

Thanks to social media, customers have become a driving and guiding force behind every business decision. For instance, if an e-commerce site wants to change its packaging, it will run a contest on social media to find out what customers like. The packaging design that gets more likes or comments will be selected.

This important role has also helped to shape what e-commerce sites are stocking. Instead of fake products, e-commerce sites are striving to stock original products that last long.

4. Strong online presence

Creating awareness about your brand is not enough anymore. You need to have a strong presence on all social media platforms. Having a page on one social media platform means you will be missing out on attracting other customers from other platforms.

For example, Facebook is widely known to be a platform for millennials while Instagram is a platform for the Gen Z. If you have a Facebook page only, you will miss out on attracting Instagram users.

5. Insights and measurable results

Today, businesses advertise and market their products on social media. If measurable results were not available, it would be difficult for the business to know how many people viewed the ad, how many people liked their business page and how many commented about the product or video.

Today, social media sites are equipped with tools that enable e-commerce business owners to track and view the results. To make interpretation easier, social media sites display data as line graphs and pie charts. This has made it easier for businesses to tweak the advertising and marketing strategies to attract more customers.

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