Deane Road Cemetery The Director

The Director

Get to know Tyler

Tyler Cole is the director of Deane Road Cemetery in Manchester, England. He has been in this role since 2014 and has been instrumental in making the cemetery a place of beauty and remembrance for those who have passed away.

Tyler was born in Manchester and grew up with a love of nature and the outdoors. He studied horticulture at university before taking on his current role at Deane Road Cemetery. Since then, he has worked tirelessly to create a tranquil environment for visitors to remember their loved ones.

He has overseen the planting of thousands of trees, shrubs, and flowers throughout the grounds, as well as creating pathways for visitors to walk around and explore. Tyler also works closely with local schools to ensure that children are educated about the importance of respecting cemeteries and those who have passed away.

In addition to his work at Deane Road Cemetery, Tyler is an active member of his local community. He volunteers with several charities and is passionate about helping others in need. He also enjoys spending time with his family, playing sports such as football and cricket, and exploring new places whenever possible.

Tyler’s dedication to making Deane Road Cemetery a place of peace and remembrance is evident in everything he does. His hard work and commitment to the cemetery have helped to create a beautiful and meaningful space for those who have lost loved ones.

Tyler is also a strong advocate for environmental conservation and sustainability. He has implemented several initiatives to reduce the cemetery’s carbon footprint, such as using solar panels to power the grounds and introducing composting bins for organic waste. He also works with local businesses to promote green practices and encourages visitors to be mindful of their impact on the environment.