Deane Road Cemetery games Understanding Online Gaming Lingo – A Glossary for New Players

Understanding Online Gaming Lingo – A Glossary for New Players

Whether you are playing with friends online or yelling at your monitor in rage, the internet has created a language all its own. Understanding Online Gaming Lingo: A Glossary for New Players will help you understand some of the terms that are used in video games.

A computerized non-playable character controlled by the game software. Players may compete with or work with bots to complete objectives. A common feature in role-playing video games.

An in-สำรวจเกมส์นี้ feature in which the player’s screen is divided into several different windows to display various in-game content, such as maps and chat. The window may be enlarged or minimized and can contain scrolling text to provide information and instructions to the player.

Understanding Online Gaming Lingo – A Glossary for New Players

In gaming, a buff is when a game’s graphics or gameplay are improved and a nerf is when the opposite happens: a weapon’s stats are decreased to make it more difficult to kill opponents. A sniper is a type of video game character who is skilled at long-range shooting, using a rifle to take down enemies from far away.

DLC is a gaming term that stands for downloadable content and usually refers to new in-game characters or locations. Often released after the launch of a game, DLC is an optional purchase that can be added to the original game. Other gaming jargon terms include spamming (keeping the trigger finger pressed down in a shooter game), ganking (being killed by an overwhelmingly large number of opponents) and kiting (hitting enemies from a distance with a ‘hit and run’ strategy). The term noob is often used pejoratively to describe someone who has just started playing a multiplayer video game.

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Researchers have found that the social and collaborative aspects of online gaming have a positive effect on a player’s well-being. Most interviewees reported that they enjoy the challenge and entertainment of online gaming and how it relieves stress related to school, family, or other sources. In addition, a large number of interviewees stated that they found friendships through online gaming that have helped them in their lives. They feel close to others and can confide in them without fear of judgment due to the anonymous nature of online gaming. They also feel that these friendships have a positive impact on their academic performance.

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